We are the company, which has been present and involved with the complex since its start – we are fully familiar with the furnishing of each apartment, we have assisted the owners 24/7 to solve their problems and meet their needs; we take care of the administrative running of the complex, represent the managers of each block and this is how, at the end, we reached the stage of the only self-managed complex in Kavarna and one of the very few such among the Black Sea coast.


Our close link to the complex allowed us to establish a small and well-knit community, where each owner’s opinion on the management of the complex matters and your voice is being heard. Here it is one of the few places, where neighbors of different nationalities – British, Scottish, Russians, Ukrainians, Bulgarians, not only know, but invite each other and gather to parties, because you are not just another number of an apartment, but a member of own community.


Our goal is to find the right owners and increase the size of this small community, as well as to ensure the best possible maintenance of the complex, so the apartments are always welcoming – as a holiday destination and as an investment, which increases its value over time.